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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Peanut Butter Bliss

Ever found love at first bite? For so long I thought I'd never find my one true Peanut Butter Cookie love - thought I was doomed to settle. Felt like my standards must have been too high; every PB cookie I tried left me only so-so satisfied. I wondered if I'd ever find my ideal PB cookie: one strong in character, but with a soft side, and a chewy texture - something that wouldn't harden to a crisp and crunch after a day or two.
Ladies and gents, may I present to you the most decadent and charismatic Peanut Butter Cookie. This bad boy makes one killer cookie sandwich too. Now, I've heard these little guys called "doozies," but I tell you it will knock you off your feet. Truly not for the faint-of-heart, or taste. Consider yourself forewarned.

 First thing's first: mix up a batch of Nonnie & Squeaks' Peanut Butter Bliss Cookies. Don't eat all the cookies as they come out of the oven either. You may need a support team for this; but you also may feel conflicted about calling your friends since you'll probably want to eat them all yourself...
Anyway, after you have baked a couple dozen, whip this up while they cool.
 3 tablespoons butter, softened
1 cup confectioners' sugar
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
2 1/2 tablespoons heavy cream

Finally, spread a liberal amount of the filling on a cookie. Now smash another one on top. Make sure you have your crew ready to catch you when you pass out. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Double Chocolate - Dive on in

Double up on chocolate with our new cookie mix! Obviously we, and our fans, couldn't get enough chocolate out of our classic Chocolate Chip Cookies mix -- we had to go all cocoa out. Think about it, double means extra yummy awesomeness and fun. Double-dutch, double-bubble gum, double-dipping, double back-flips, double overtime, double rainbow. Things are just better doubled. And if you want to get real crazy here, stay with me, you can double the cookies-per-bite ratio by trying this new recipe. Make sure you have an assistant nearby, in case you faint from double-delicious-delirium.

Bake up a batch of Nonnie & Squeaks' Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Is it just me, or does a slightly underdone, fresh out of the oven, gooey cookie taste like a mini chocolate soufflée? 

While they're off cooling down, whip up a batch of the softest, fluffiest butter-cream frosting:
1\4 C Butter, softened
1/4 C Shortening or Lard
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Lemon Juice
4 C (approx 1 lb) Confectioner's Sugar aka powdered sugar
2-3 Tbsp Water (not milk)

With a stand or hand mixer, beat together the butter and shortening, along with a cup of the powdered sugar. At any time add the lemon and vanilla. Slowly add in a cup or a half at a time until your frosting reaches a desired consistency. You want it to be soft and fluffy, not runny, and not curdled. If you have added too much sugar and it starts to chunk, just add a Tbsp of water until it smooths out again.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for: take one of those decadent cookies, and spread about a tbsp or two of frosting on the bottom. Now take another cookie and ceremoniously set it atop the layer of frosting atop cookie. Take a bite; you know, just to make sure. Double -watch OMG out - delight. Just try not to eat every one as you make them.

Tip: For festive treats, simply add a few drops of your preferred food coloring into the frosting batch while still mixing, and maybe a few sprinkles or colored sugar to the edges.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hug around the middle

Little skirts flounce and
With strings attached to her sides
Never lost a cook.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eau d'Orange

   Hosting dinner, movies, or games with friends turned into a favorite weekly occurrence even before we were quite moved in to our new apartment. Now that the dust has settled over more than a few bookshelves, and most everything has its comfortable home I focus more on adding those special details when expecting company. Serving your friend a delicious cup of tea is quite a treat - but why not pour it in an antique set, and serving mini-muffins with a folded lace napkin on the side? Okay, so nearly none of us has time to embroider handkerchiefs anymore, but there are plenty of little touches to elevate any gathering from simply hanging-out, to quite the classy soirée. 
       Here's a old trick that our often busy minds just forget as one way to liven up the table: simply add some fresh citrus fruit to perk up a pitcher of cold water. Add berries for a smart bite. Mix and match lemons, oranges, limes. Thinly sliced cucumbers add a crisp edge - the sky's the limit. And you'll feel like you're out in the sunshine on one of those lazy, picnic-in-the-park kind of afternoons. Friends and family scurrying around for those last minute school-supplies? Enjoy a little luxury all to yourself. Whatever your favorite ingredient for this, go on and indulge. For those of you who (perish the thought) don't care for drinking plain water, this could be your answer to getting in those eight cups a day!

Eau d'Orange (Orange Water)
First gather your fruits or veggies of choice:
1 orange
1 lemon

Rinse well! You don't want to be drinking any of those harmful chemicals, pesticides, or that waxy coating they sometimes put on fruit.

Next, thinly slice across the midsection - the widest point. You will only need two to three slices per fruit, depending on how strongly you want the water infused with their juices. I like more subtlety.
If you are using a cucumber, try peeling stripes vertically before slicing horizontally. For peaches, plums, and other pit-iful fruit, cut smaller wedges. Black and Blueberries just plop in whole, unless you want to go through the whole process of mashing and straining. 

*A word to the wise: drink this immediately after making: the water will be fine to drink a day later, but never looks as charming as when it's fresh.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Granny's Sugar Cookies

Well it's official: we expanded our cookie pantry with a scrumptious new mix - Granny's Sugar Cookies. The perfect gift for that generous hostess, teacher, sweet bride-to-be, or your friend's half-birthday that's just around the corner, these cookies are sure to bring back beloved memories of your (or your best friend's) sweet-and-tart granny and her words of wisdom.
To kick off our release, we are offering a buy-3-get-1-free deal! Applicable to our jars and refill bags - all jars or all bags. No mixing-and-matching. This offer will last a whole month, ending on Labor Day, September 5, 2011 at 11:59pm. Contact us directly at nonnieandsqueaks@gmail.com to place your order today.

Keep checking in on us -- we have several tricks up our sleeve (aka new cookies on the horizon).

Riddle: What do you put in a corner that travels all over the world?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just keep swimming

Planning, listing, decisions, ordering, shopping, snipping, pairing, sewing, measuring, baking, tasting... 
Sometimes I feel like I jumped into a pool without knowing the depth or temperature of the water. 
Between nurturing the growth of this budding business and an already-stuffed work and social schedule, I feel like a walking zombie lately. But the good part is the sense of accomplishment, the one that accompanies complete exhaustion. Pouring every ounce of energy, thought, and creativity bring both simultaneously. 
After many conversations, I walk away thankful I wrote everything down; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to remember I wanted to do. 
One more puzzle piece found for what it means to be a businesswoman. 
I am so proud. 
Every day I am learning how to better build and sustain this endeavor, even with the occasional writer’s block. Through our fatigue we work 'round the clock. The invaluable support from our family and friends encourages us each step of the way. With out these wonderful people in our lives, we wouldn’t have made it this far. 
It's exciting. 
It's terrifying. 
Dive right in.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Piecing it together

From yards of fabric
Trimmed puzzle pieces take form
Soon you’re wearing art!